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If your home or business suffers damage during the 2020 hurricane season, and your insurance company denies your claim or doesn’t pay full value, contact us for a free case review.


Hurricanes Laura & Delta Property Damage Insurance Claims Lawyer

On August 27, 2020, Hurricane Laura packing 150 m.p.h. Winds, flash floods, and heavy rainfall hit the western coast of Louisiana at Cameron. Hurricane Laura’s track led it through through Lake Charles, Sulphur, Moss Bluff, and DeRidder onto north Louisiana, causing loss of life, injuries, and extensive property damage. Insured losses from Hurricane Laura are estimated to be in the range of about $12 Billion.  Shortly thereafter, on  October 9, 2020, Hurricane Delta came ashore causing extensive property damage.  Hurricane Delta’s track led it through Creole, Grand Chenier, Jennings, Welch, Iowa, Lake Charles  and north from there on into Alexandria.

Homeowners and Businesses now face the difficulty of cleaning up and rebuilding during the COVID-19. Unfortunately, the storm may not be their worst nightmare. Many will soon find their Homeowners and Business Owners Policies are not accepting responsibility under the insurance policies the companies have both written and sold. Moreover, these insurers frequently pay too little on the home, business, or auto claim because the insurer has underestimated the cost of repair Hurricane Laura Property Damage and Hurricane Delta Property Damage and have limited the amount of damage the property has sustained. We understand your concern and know how you feel. We have seen the same thing happen hundreds and hundreds of times to other policyholders over the years before hiring us to handle their Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustave & Ike claims.  We have seen the difference a Hurricane Lawyer can make.

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” I understand how to deal with your insurance company. I know you are confused, upset and tired. The money insurance companies will attempt to settle for will not nearly be enough to repair your home, restore your business, replace your contents and pay your living expenses. Insurance companies, even your own, are looking out for themselves first. The more they pay you, the less they make in profit. Let me assist you in getting the fair compensation you deserve.” Charles

Do not accept slow service, excuses, or denials of your storm claims. If the insurance company refuses to pay the full amount owed, refuses to negotiate or engage in continuing negotiations over the value of your damage, and fails to continue to respond promptly to your questions, they may have broken the bad faith laws.

Your insurance company is required to timely pay your claims for all of your damages covered by the policy.Your insurance policy may provide coverage for physical damage to your property, extra expenses incurred, and lostbusiness income. If you have Disaster Mortgage Protection, the insurer is required to timely pay your monthly mortgage, reimburses your structural deductible, and can help pay down your mortgage balance in the event of certain damages are sustained in a hurricane, flood, or other disasters

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Hurricane Insurance Property Damage Claims

Is your insurance company delaying, making excuses, denying or underpaying your Louisiana Hurricane insurance property damage claim? Let us help. Lavis Law Firm can prepare your business or homeowners’ insurance claim, help you complete your proof of loss and assemble the documents necessary to prove your claim.

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