The Louisiana Department of Insurance (LDI) provides complaint data by company and by insurance product. Consumers should consider a number of variables in choosing an insurance provider including rates, deductibles and personal needs. Complaint data offers another source of information for consumers to make informed decisions.

What is a Complaint Index?

The complaint index is meant to help consumers make apples-to-apples comparisons. The index measures how many complaints the LDI received for a company relative to the amount of premium written – and compares the company to other companies offering that type of insurance.

A company with a complaint index of 1 has an average number of complaints. A company with a complaint index higher than 1 has more complaints than average. To view the complaint index formula, click here.

Only companies that wrote premium in a given year are included. For companies that offer both homeowners and automobile insurance coverages, you will find the data separated for each of these lines of coverage – i.e. a homeowner complaint index and an automobile complaint index.

Company NamePremium WrittenMarket ShareNumber of ComplaintsComplaint Index 
Subtotal for Selection:
Market Total:
100.00 %
100.00 %
Hartford Fire Ins Co$32,213.000.00%1187.169810
Progressive Security Ins Co$178,780.000.01%133.724695
Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation$7,888,957.000.41%107.438318
LM Ins Corp$904,248.000.05%16.667751
Imperial Fire & Cas Ins Co$4,796,140.000.25%56.285576
Hartford Cas Ins Co$2,881,371.000.15%36.277533
Property & Cas Ins Co Of Hartford$4,892,085.000.26%56.162302
Safepoint Ins Co$1,008,058.000.05%15.981105
Louisiana Farm Bureau Cas Ins Co$5,049,673.000.27%44.775993
Horace Mann Ins Co$2,748,398.000.14%24.387502
Economy Premier Assur Co$1,448,482.000.08%14.162496
Foremost Prop & Cas Ins Co$3,247,034.000.17%23.713728
Hartford Ins Co Of The Midwest$5,677,357.000.30%33.185972
Lexington Ins Co$3,854,653.000.20%23.128323
American Summit Ins Co$1,977,321.000.10%13.049227
Aegis Security Ins Co$5,022,362.000.26%22.400982
Access Home Ins Co$18,514,950.000.97%72.279515
Maison Ins Co$32,432,426.001.71%122.230841
Armed Forces Ins Exch$3,020,858.000.16%11.995890
Lighthouse Prop Ins Corp$33,390,280.001.76%111.986276
Geovera Specialty Ins Co$33,281,752.001.75%101.811593
FedNat Ins Co$37,185,663.001.96%111.783545
Southern Fidelity Ins Co Inc$25,269,339.001.33%71.670210
Capitol Preferred Ins Co$7,364,568.000.39%21.637380
ANPAC LA Ins Co$22,581,045.001.19%61.602043
Amica Mut Ins Co$3,814,779.000.20%11.580511
Shelter Mut Ins Co$32,253,474.001.70%81.495479
National Security Fire & Cas Co$4,122,350.000.22%11.462588
Teachers Ins Co$8,412,596.000.44%21.433398
Liberty Mut Fire Ins Co$29,692,260.001.56%71.421417
Liberty Personal Ins Co$48,219,712.002.54%111.375419
Allstate Ins Co$96,556,134.005.08%221.373756
Allied Trust Ins Co$8,866,003.000.47%21.360094
American Western Home Ins Co$13,734,511.000.72%31.316967
North Light Specialty Ins Co$10,117,968.000.53%21.191800
American Southern Home Ins Co$10,448,693.000.55%21.154077
Allstate Ind Co$68,222,776.003.59%131.148896
Excalibur Natl Ins Co$21,073,964.001.11%41.144407
Centauri Natl Ins Co$29,853,836.001.57%51.009803
Foremost Ins Co Grand Rapids MI$30,653,393.001.61%50.983463
Republic Fire & Cas Ins Co$18,597,693.000.98%30.972588
Allstate Vehicle & Prop Ins Co$31,173,811.001.64%50.967045
Family Security Ins Co Inc$19,020,300.001.00%30.950978
United Prop & Cas Ins Co$52,799,271.002.78%80.913543
Metropolitan Prop & Cas Ins Co$15,797,189.000.83%20.763338
American Bankers Ins Co Of FL$27,625,006.001.45%30.654765
Gulfstream Prop & Cas Ins Co$19,620,360.001.03%20.614596
USAA Cas Ins Co$31,136,268.001.64%30.580927
Garrison Prop & Cas Ins Co$10,390,174.000.55%10.580288
Bankers Specialty Ins Co$10,434,893.000.55%10.577801
State Farm Fire & Cas Co$483,336,223.0025.45%460.573819
Homesite Ins Co$11,478,547.000.60%10.525266
Safeco Ins Co of OR$46,033,722.002.42%40.523902
Hanover Amer Ins Co$12,496,275.000.66%10.482487
Occidental Fire & Cas Co Of NC$12,648,000.000.67%10.476699
USAA Gen Ind Co$26,570,077.001.40%20.453841
Great Northern Ins Co$15,182,291.000.80%10.397127
ASI Lloyds$73,105,992.003.85%40.329893
Americas Ins Co$18,988,886.001.00%10.317517
Louisiana Farm Bureau Mut Ins Co$92,696,485.004.88%10.065043
Century Natl Ins Co$767,611.000.04%00.000000
Chubb Custom Ins Co$260,960.000.01%00.000000
Coastal Select Ins Co$80,757.000.00%00.000000
Dover Bay Specialty Ins Co$6,938,530.000.37%00.000000
Electric Ins Co$89,674.000.00%00.000000
Encompass Ind Co$1,559,445.000.08%00.000000
Encompass Ins Co Of Amer$3,422,904.000.18%00.000000
Encompass Prop & Cas Co$3,038,407.000.16%00.000000
Esurance Ins Co$133,453.000.01%00.000000
Evanston Ins Co$1,384,493.000.07%00.000000
Federal Ins Co$4,980,433.000.26%00.000000
Fidelity Natl Title Ins Co$0.000.00%00.000000
First Amer Prop & Cas Ins Co$305,727.000.02%00.000000
Geico Cas Co$0.000.00%10.000000
General Star Ind Co$0.000.00%00.000000
GoAuto Ins Co$0.000.00%00.000000
Great West Cas Co$0.000.00%10.000000
Gulf States Ins Co$9,160,873.000.48%00.000000
Hartford Ins Co Of The Southeast$61,640.000.00%00.000000
Hartford Underwriters Ins Co$74,134.000.00%00.000000
Kinsale Ins Co$1,211,963.000.06%00.000000
AIG Prop Cas Co$16,269,293.000.86%00.000000
AIG Specialty Ins Co$32,391.000.00%00.000000
Ace Ins Co Of The Midwest$5,547,159.000.29%00.000000
American Capital Assur Corp$0.000.00%00.000000
American Family Home Ins Co$6,801.000.00%00.000000
American Fire & Cas Co$0.000.00%10.000000
American Modern Home Ins Co$1,173,623.000.06%00.000000
American Modern Prop & Cas Ins Co$867,691.000.05%00.000000
American Natl Gen Ins Co$782,188.000.04%00.000000
American Natl Prop & Cas Co$0.000.00%10.000000
American Reliable Ins Co$74,299.000.00%00.000000
American Risk Ins Co Inc$5,785.000.00%00.000000
American Security Ins Co$0.000.00%30.000000
Allstate Fire & Cas Ins Co$0.000.00%40.000000
Allstate Prop & Cas Ins Co$0.000.00%10.000000
Anchor Specialty Ins Co$2,841,689.000.15%00.000000
Automobile Ins Co Of Hartford CT$222,295.000.01%00.000000
Bankers Ins Co$0.000.00%10.000000
Burlington Ins Co$0.000.00%00.000000
Canopius US Ins$538,300.000.03%00.000000
Catlin Specialty Ins Co$0.000.00%00.000000
Liberty Mut Ins Co$0.000.00%30.000000
Markel Amer Ins Co$415,291.000.02%00.000000
Merastar Ins Co$2,904.000.00%00.000000
Ocean Harbor Cas Ins Co$1,051,845.000.06%00.000000
Pacific Ind Co$7,153.000.00%00.000000
Pharmacists Mut Ins Co$275,710.000.01%00.000000
Praetorian Ins Co$1,054,984.000.06%00.000000
Prepared Ins Co$162,214.000.01%00.000000
Prime Ins Co$23,968.000.00%00.000000
Privilege Underwriters Recp Exch$18,977,342.001.00%00.000000
Progressive Prop Ins Co$722,007.000.04%00.000000
Nationwide Affinity Co of Amer($1.00)0.00%00.000000
Nautilus Ins Co$0.000.00%10.000000
QBE Ins Corp$0.000.00%00.000000
QBE Specialty Ins Co$12,564,251.000.66%00.000000
Safety Specialty Ins Co$6,906.000.00%00.000000
Safeway Ins Co Of LA$0.000.00%10.000000
Scottsdale Ins Co$3,912,278.000.21%00.000000
Security Plan Fire Ins Co$0.000.00%10.000000
Service Ins Co$1,879,883.000.10%00.000000
Shelter Gen Ins Co$0.000.00%20.000000
Spinnaker Ins Co$1,751,983.000.09%00.000000
Standard Fire Ins Co$12,227,105.000.64%00.000000
StarStone Specialty Ins Co$892,255.000.05%00.000000
State Farm Gen Ins Co$14,280,960.000.75%00.000000
State Farm Mut Auto Ins Co$0.000.00%30.000000
State Natl Ins Co Inc$83,825.000.00%00.000000
Stillwater Ins Co$368,749.000.02%00.000000
Travelers Home & Marine Ins Co$29,155.000.00%00.000000
Travelers Ind Co$0.000.00%10.000000
Travelers Ind Co Of Amer$124,748.000.01%00.000000
Twin City Fire Ins Co Co$47,009.000.00%00.000000
Rockhill Ins Co$0.000.00%00.000000
Union Natl Fire Ins Co$0.000.00%40.000000
United Fire & Ind Co$6,243,884.000.33%00.000000
United Serv Automobile Assn$49,104,210.002.59%00.000000
Unitrin Auto & Home Ins Co$3,083,001.000.16%00.000000
Unitrin Direct Prop & Cas Co$39,814.000.00%00.000000
Unitrin Safeguard Ins Co$22,288.000.00%00.000000
Vigilant Ins Co$4,957,865.000.26%00.000000
Voyager Ind Ins Co$37,705.000.00%00.000000
Western World Ins Co$1,284,846.000.07%00.000000
Wilshire Ins Co$116,952.000.01%00.000000
Centauri Specialty Ins Co($288,728.00)-0.02%4-83.529149
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